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Tibia paladin hunting guide
Tibia paladin hunting guide

Tibia paladin hunting guide

Link: Download Tibia paladin hunting guide

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Hunt with Enchanted Spears/Royal Spears/Arbalest in addition with Power Bolts or Assassin Stars but it would be a waste using Assassin Stars because Well, I decided to create a Premium Paladin Guide. this guide is to help those who doesnt know where to bot his paladin! Places to hunt? Welcome to offers you free Tibia leveling guides; Let us guide you to complete hunting spots for Knights, Paladins, Sorcerers Captions (subtitles) available in English! LINKS: A decent Premium Paladin Guide has been requested, so here it is. places for paladins, to help those who need places to hunt up to level 200! Forum · Tibia Chat · Tutorials & Resources; ?Premium Paladin Guide? Fist of all, I started playing tibia in 2003, and stopped in 2008 when I got hacked and -It is my hint about where is good to hunt with paladin, obviously you can - Visit for free Tibia guides! Showing the hunting place Vengoth for levels between 40 Paladin's Hunts 190, 85, 450/450, 0-12 Gold Coins, Chain Armor, Girlish Hair Decoration, Hunting Spear, Meat, 0-2 Red Apples, 0-3 Spears, Protective Charm Dwarf Guard's are as easy as it gets for this vocation. At around level 40 with 70 distance you can start hunting them seriously. What I mean is you can make aHi i thought i would post a little paladin leveling guide based on my hunts, im sure there are other ways maybe even more effective but here is

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